Personal Training

One to one coaching session tailored to YOUR needs!

I have some availability!

If you are looking to get stronger, improve or learn Pilates, develop your fitness, get some motivation, better posture, and all of these in a positive and fun environment, then we can probably work together!

I am based in an Aberdeen gym on Springfield Road called Athletic Edge.

The sessions are 60 min or 30 min long.

I also offer personal training sessions online via Zoom. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the online option!

You can contact me for more information and to book your free consultation!



I felt drawn towards Pilates from my years of Ballet dance, which made its practice very natural for me. I passed my Pilates certification in 2011 in France and started teaching straight away, then in Tunisia and finally in Scotland.

I base my teaching upon the 8 Principles of Joseph Pilates : Relaxation, Concentration, Alignment, Breathing, Centring, Co-ordination, Flowing movements and Stamina.

I believe a good practice starts with attention to details: the importance of breathing and the understanding of the body. The aim of my teaching is to make my participants independent and knowledgeable so they can practice outside the class.

I teach classes online, in the gym, and I also offer one to one Pilates session.

If you are interested just send me a message and I will give you the details for the classes.

I am now also offering one to one Pilates in a private room at Broomhill Clinic. The clinic is located on Broomhill Road, Aberdeen.

Violaine doing Pilates

Personal Training Testimonials

Training with Violaine has been the best thing I have ever done. I'm stronger and more confident than ever at 54! I recently upped my training with her to twice weekly and my confidence has grown so much as well as my strength. I'm doing things in the gym with weights I really thought was not possible. With her continued guidance and encouragement you can do anything and achieve goals you never thought were possible. Her sessions are hard work but enjoyable and varied I'm confident in everything she does with me and look forward to each training session.

K. Hamilton

I've been training with Violaine for almost 2 years. I've gone from being a reluctant gym user, with sore knees, unable to squat to a lover of exercise. Never the same workout, gym sessions are always fun but effective. Violaine's knowledge and experience combining different techniques and a firm focus on posture and good form, is outstanding.

S. Fay

I have been training 1-to-1 with Violaine for 2 years now. Her expertise, ability to adapt to her clients' needs and attention to detail set her apart from her peers. When you add in her outgoing and friendly disposition it's a winning combination. Also the reasons I moved with her to Athletic Edge Gym.

D. Stevensons

Violaine has helped me improve my Distasi Recti and fix my incontinence which I didn’t know can be fixed. She is a very patient trainer and doesn’t give up until you’ve got the technique. Her PT sessions have helped me to get back in shape too.

S. Kumar

Pilates Testimonials

For me Violaine’s classes are a must. Whether they are live classes in person or online, she still manages to see any issues and clearly explain how to correct them. The classes are great fun and enough of a challenge to keep us moving forward.

D. Stevensons

Violaine is an amazing Pilates instructor and she is so lovely. No matter what your ability she makes you feel great! The classes are very good and I can already notice a difference in my other gym workouts because I actually have some core strength now! I highly recommend Violaine and I can’t sing her praises loud enough!

L. Charles

I would have never believed a virtual class could have such an impact on my core. Violaine delivers clear and concise instruction while managing to identify and correct any issues. I’ve been training with her for several years in the gym, I’m always learning and improving.

K. Mcfadyen

Great class. Violaine never misses even the smallest mistake and it is always so much easier when you do the exercise properly. I had a shoulder problem and she was kind enough to give me different exercises from the rest of the group. It is also good to see the others during these difficult times.


In times that are very different -as in Covid- we have had the pleasure of Pilates online, over Zoom, with Violaine who has been as professional as ever, even more so in explanation in how to carry out the exercises online. Patient and understanding in these difficult times’. I have loved the experience of lockdown. Online pilates 2 to 3 times a week has been both professionally deliver but enjoyable and actually easy to follow which was a surprise to me. Loved her classes and very grateful for doing them.


I have been doing Pilates classes with Violaine for about 3 years now. Her classes are informative, fun and you leave feeling you’ve given your deep core muscles a good workout. Her unique style of teaching helps you to integrate Pilates into your everyday life. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


Violaine’s classes are excellent when done in person but also brilliant when done online, via Zoom. She concentrates on quality rather than quantity so you get the techniques just right which helps greatly when practicing on your own. It has helped my posture and back so much. Thoroughly recommend.


Violaine is a passionate and thorough Pilates instructor whose classes I have taken for years. Her online classes have been highly effective. Through clear instructions and a keen eye students can be assured that each posture is done correctly and safely. My cores strength has improved over the years, and I would highly recommend trying one of her classes- always enjoyable!


I am indebted to Violaine and her Pilates classes for my return to full fitness after hip replacement surgery, and for maintaining and improving on that with their focus on core strength. Violaine is positive, clear and always upbeat - and adds vitals context to exercises so you know why as well as how! Ace!


Pilates is extremely beneficial for the health and well-being of my body and mind. I've taken part in a number of pilates classes from various providers and have always been searching for the 'right person' to deliver the best guidance.

Violaine's classes are exactly right, for encouraging the beginner, through to the experienced practitioner. She gives thorough step-by -step instruction in class and to the individual and is genuinely interested in her participants. I Iike her detailed and precise directions and encouragement. This has allowed me to understand my body and its functions. She is always open to my questions and answers these promptly and very efficiently.

I highly recommend Violaine's classes to anyone beginning their journey with Pilates and especially to anyone keen to develop an understanding of what Pilates can do for them.

'You've tried the rest, now experience the best!'

M. Andrew